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Connectivity is the underlying principle for COCHS’ approach to correctional health care. In order for people involved with the criminal justice system to get the health care they need – regardless of their criminal justice status and whether they are in jail or in the community – jails need to be connected with the existing community health care system.

Connectivity comes in many forms. No two jails are alike, and the communities they serve all have different problems and needs, as well as different service capacities.
For these reasons, COCHS provides a range of technical, including:

  • Fostering collaborations between community health centers , local correctional facilities, and other stakeholders
  • Developing satellite health centers within local correctional facilities
  • Organizing health care and other services for justice-involved individuals in the communities where they are likely to return following release
  • Expanding health screening in the pre-arraignment process
  • Implementing electronic medical records systems
  • Implementing model policies and procedures
  • Applying performance standards and targeted clinical quality improvement strategies

For more information regarding specific regions where COCHS is providing technical assistance visit our States & Jurisdiction page.